Torbjørn Laursen CSO 2018.jpgToday Fire Eater announces a change in the management team.
As of today, Torbjørn Laursen will hand over the responsibilities of Chief Executive Officer (CEO) to Mark Verweij.

After many years of service as CEO, Torbjørn Laursen, part owner of Fire Eater is stepping down from his position to take on a new role within the organization. In his new position as CSO, Torbjørn will be responsible for Research & Development and play an important role in initiation, execution, fulfillment and communication of Fire Eater’s corporate strategic initiatives.



“Leading Fire Eater has been an honor, and I’m incredibly proud of the organization we are and have become. I look forward to this change and have complete confidence in our choice of CEO,” said Torbjørn Laursen.

Mark Verweij CEO.jpgMark Verweij joined Fire Eater earlier this year as COO and today has been appointed as CEO. Prior to joining Fire Eater, Verweij spent the last 20 years at Dräger Holland and Denmark in a variety of leadership roles in which he continually overachieved in terms of profit margin and revenue growth.